Ada & Lucasz // Elopement

Ada and Lucasz have had quite an adventurous life together. Both from Poland, they've traveled across Europe and the Middle East and lived in Asia. Winning me over immediately, they've even visited to Iran! This summer, Ada and Lucasz decided to venture across the Atlantic for a very special occasion...

They eloped! 

Their NYC elopement was kept a secret from family and friends for several weeks, until the couple returned home to Poland and threw a large surprise party! That anticipation made the day feel even more special. These elopement photos were a visual representation of their decision to commit and cherish one another forever.

After enjoying the sunrise at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, we made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was very important for Ada and Lucasz to have an authentic NYC experience, spanning multiple locations, so we grabbed a yellow cab and headed to Manhattan! I felt so lucky to be part of their special day and to show them some of my favorite New York sights. To see the city through a fresh perspective is so rewarding.

Although it was a bit out of the way, we absolutely had to visit the love wall! With various locations worldwide, artist James Goldcrown has made gorgeous street art that coincidentally matched the bride and groom's outfits perfectly!

Ada and Lucasz have such a zest for life! It was very refreshing to feel their determined sense of individuality, complimenting their obvious affection for one another. It takes a special type of couple to elope in a city they've never visited before, and this adventurous duo fits the bill to a tee.

I had so much fun photographing their elopement! Hope to visit you both in Poland one day! ;)