Exploring Astoria

While most people tend to make resolutions around January 1st, I make them all year round! In my opinion, resolutions are a great way to stay motivated and inspired to do better. The latest? I want to be a tourist in my own city!

With sunshine and comfy shoes on my side, yesterday I explored Astoria, Queens.

Astoria, Queens - Shadi Garman Photography

I quickly discovered the best part about Astoria. THE FOOD! Seriously, every type of cuisine you can possibly imagine is within walking distance. Home to a robust immigrant population (who are apparently all culinary geniuses), Queens is the greatest borough to explore yummy food of different cultures, throughout all its neighborhoods.

Astoria, Queens - Shadi Garman Photography

Traditionally, Astoria has been a predominantly Greek neighborhood. That is still quite apparent from the various Greek restaurants and small businesses, to the many beautiful Greek flags fluttering around. 

But I was a woman on a mission for something very different than Greek food. My target?

Macaroni And Cheese Pancakes at Mom's.

Mom's Kitchen & Bar, Astoria - Shadi Garman Photography

Seriously, guys. It was so good. Plus, since I added berries on the side it was totally healthy.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of lots of walking and exploring through Astoria's many interesting streets, markets, and Astoria Park!

Astoria, Queens - Shadi Garman Photography