9 Months With Jess // Maternity Style

For the past nine months, I've had the most unforgettable experience photographing Jess as she has been growing a mini-human! Her strength, optimism, and grace throughout this journey has been so amazing to witness. Our relationship started in October when I began taking photos for her style and lifestyle blog, Let's Jess Up. Through frequent shoots and coffee dates, our friendship flourished. After Jess slyly declined a glass of wine one day, it was clear that something exciting was about to happen. As the months went by and her cute bump grew, Jess blossomed as a mom-to-be. In the process, her family and husband Matt stepped up to provide so much love and support. Baby Q couldn't be more lucky. 

Now, let's look back on some of my favorite maternity looks that Jess created! Her maternity style was SO fierce, we should all take notes.

Jess' gender reveal announcement was undeniably adorable, right?

Her bump here was similar to my post-burrito bump, but Jess' glow is undeniable. 

These shots were the epitome of spring; such a radiant portrayal of motherhood.

This NYC momma was an unbelievable champion as egg and cheese sandwiches helped her survive tired nights, achy feels, and swollen ankles. And through it all, she maintained such a positive attitude with one end goal in mind, meeting her baby girl. This look said it all, she was already in love.

As Jess packed her hospital bag here, the due date seemed more close than ever.

On August 7th, Baby Q was introduced to the world, eager to meet her parents Jess and Matt. It's safe to say no baby was ever loved more. 

Jess, you are so inspiring and I'm so so lucky to call you a friend. I can't wait to see you experience motherhood, and to photograph beautiful Baby Q! She's so lucky to have you for her mom. Love you, girl!

Which maternity outfit of hers is your favorite? Comment below! Follow all Jess' adventures and outfits here.

Vanesa & Jorge // Maternity Photos in Central Park

Just weeks away from her due date, Vanesa and Jorge arrived at Central Park to take maternity photos!

We met at dusk to celebrate their baby-to-be and their genuine love for one another. With bags of outfits and props in tow, they arrived ready to go! They had moved to NYC about six months prior, so it was a blast exploring the park together. 

Their little boy, Benjamin, will be the first baby of the extended family, to the delight of loved ones in Australia and Argentina. I have a feeling Vanesa and Jorge will be hosting guests very soon and very often.

Benjamin is quite a lucky boy to have such wonderful parents!

During our time together, I could immediately tell how kind and light-hearted that Vanesa and Jorge are. They would consistently and subtly check in with one another, making sure each person was comfortable and feeling good. As they giggled between shots, Vanesa and Jorge gazed at one another with complete love. 


Motherhood comes in many shapes and forms. Some women become mothers through pregnancy, which is such an amazing accomplishment of the female body. Other women gracefully decide to adopt, providing a loving home. Family members and friends can also take the role of mothers, as they give advice, share laughter, and soothe tears.

Motherhood is deep and unconditional commitment to loving and raising a child, and that experience is unlike any other. 

Vanesa radiates joy and strength. 

She will undoubtedly a wonderful mother and I can't wait to hear about all of her and Jorge's adventures raising Benjamin!