Danielle & Hunter // At Home

Last Sunday, I visited Danielle and Hunter on the Upper East Side and we had a bagel party / photoshoot! These two have been dating for almost 1 year and wanted to celebrate their upcoming anniversary with a cozy, yet intimate at home photoshoot. Danielle is an actor and instructor at 305 Fitness and Hunter is a med student, so they undoubtedly have crazy schedules. This session was the perfect occasion to celebrate their special day before Danielle goes to North Carolina for several weeks to star on The Diary of Anne Frank. 

You know it's love when he doesn't mind your whitefish bagel spread breath.

This session wasn't Pinterest perfect. Danielle and Hunter didn't have a stylist or makeup artist preparing them for the shoot. We didn't splurge on decor and didn't take too much time to prep spots in advance. Instead, everything you see here is candid authenticity. I think that's the appeal of in-home photoshoots, a couple gets to relax and be at ease in a comfortable setting.

I had so much fun hanging out with these cuties. Can't wait to meet up again in the fall, with Danielle's ADORABLE French Bulldog in tow!