Melissa & Joe // Anniversary

This couple has a lot to be thankful, as they celebrated their 4-year wedding anniversary last Friday.
Melissa is recent survivor of breast cancer and
Joe, her husband, is her best friend and rock. 

Together, their love has persevered through a very tough year dealing with her diagnosis, treatment, and the loss of a beloved family member. It was an honor meeting them at the South Seaport waterfront and taking a few photos to showcase their strong relationship.

In addition to her work as a photographer and graphic designer, Melissa is also the proud owner of Hope 25, an online boutique that inspires and encourages cancer fighters with her tagline "Punch Fear in the Face."

When Joe looks at Melissa, you can see how much
he loves her.

As she walks, he tenderly watches over her to make sure everything is okay. When she laughs, his eyes light up. They are completely in tune with each other's movements and feelings. You can tell that Joe and Melissa are savoring every moment, very aware of how precious life is.

Cancer is the worst. It's harsh, cruel, and unforgiving. It affects not only innocent victims, but also their families and friends. Melissa is a fighter and she is cancer-free, which is such a blessing. I know that together this couple will conquer any challenges that come their way.

With fierce devotion and determination on their side, here's to many beautiful anniversaries to come for
Joe and Melissa!