5 Fun Occasions That Deserve A Photoshoot

Weddings, newborns, engagements, and graduations. These monumental events are almost always surrounded by parties, cake, dancing, and of course, tons of photos along the way. I'm a huge fan of celebrations and of using photography to save those memories! Plus I love babies and mushy emotions. But I want to use this post to highlight the importance of investing in professional photography sessions for non-traditional occasions. Despite what society tries to tell us, some people don't ever want to get married and some people don't ever want to have or adopt kids. And guess what? Those people are entirely rational, normal, and sane! Mind-blowing, isn't it? 


Here's the best thing about photography: photoshoots are for everyone! Who doesn't want to look at some high-quality photos of themselves and think, "Damn. I look really good!" As exciting as a proposal may be for one couple, adopting a dog can be just as (if not more) exciting for another. Fashion bloggers shouldn't be the only ones who deserve to flaunt their amazing sense of style. Heterosexual couples shouldn't be the only ones who get their adorable PDA photographed and praised. A single woman shouldn't feel that her only chance to have professional photos of herself is if she's in a serious relationship. The list goes on and on. After starting a new job or volunteer gig, I've personally had too many panicky moments digging through months-old selfies to find something adult yet fun. Ain't nobody got time for that! Let's celebrate every stage of life!

Here are 5 occasions that deserve a photoshoot, ASAP.

1. You have a new home!
Whether you're a renter or homebuyer, moving somewhere new is always exciting. With a clean canvas at your disposal, time to get your Joanna Gaines on! And before the dust bunnies inevitably find their new homes, why not plan a photoshoot to showcase your new digs and how cute you look in it? Lifestyle photography is particularly made for this type of session, capturing candid moments in a relaxed environment. 

2. You're going on vacation!
Here's a tip: photographers love to travel and they love to photograph adventurous people! Next time you plan a fabulous trip, try contacting a local photographer from the area in advance for a session. Your selfie stick will only take you so far. Living in New York, I would love for any visiting tourists to contact me for a shoot! It's always such a treat to see NYC through new eyes and to remember what an amazing city this is. Alternatively, bring your favorite photographer along for the trip! Many photographers I know, myself including, would jump at the chance to travel somewhere new with a couple or group so you might be surprised by the potential deals that await!

3. You adopted a dog! Or cat! Or lizard!
Congratulations, you are officially a momma or a poppa! Since you're probably already contemplating making a new Instagram account for your pet, time to get some high quality photos of your new cutie! The bond between a human and their pet is seriously strong and important, so why not plan a photoshoot?! From puppies to older rescues, any photographer with a soul would love to help capture these memories. Go ahead and show off your new bundle of joy because they're only this young once.

4. You're in love!
Recently, two Seattle friends of mine shared some super adorable professional photos on Facebook. They looked totally in love and the style was beautiful. But immediately the comments section was bombarded with questions like, "OMG are you engaged?!" "What's happening?!" "Why did you take these? Is this a hint?!" "Tying the knot soon?" and so on. Time to set the record straight. A couple does not need to be engaged or recently married to have a photoshoot. It's simple. Love is enough of a reason. Celebrating your 6 week, 6 month, or 6 year anniversary? Want to feel fancy and spice things up? Feeling randomly romantic? Want to show the world how proud you are of your partner and their recent accomplishments? Let's plan a photoshoot! 

5. You're feeling beautiful. 
This is extremely near and dear to my heart. Self love and acceptance can be extremely difficult to feel. While some lucky folks can consistently look in the mirror and radiate Beyoncé-esque vibes, it's not that easy for the rest of us. To love oneself requires lots of time, honesty, contemplation, and and a strong support system. I think photography can be extremely therapeutic. It's such a rewarding experience to witness the incremental shifts in a client's confidence, comparing the start of a photoshoot to the end. In the beginning, many people immediately start prefacing how awkward or gangly or weird they look in photos. As our experience together unfolds, their internal beauty radiates outwards and that definitely shows in the images. I want every single person to realize how freaking gorgeous they are. If you're unsure, let's plan a photoshoot and see if we can accomplish that together.