Writing Vows in Central Park // Dani & Ayu

Dani and Ayu met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this summer and are getting married this Saturday in Central Park! Earlier in the week, we met to nail down logistics and for the couple to start writing their vows. 

Although Ayu had landed in New York from Ethiopia only a few hours prior, his face glowed as he gazed at his bride-to-be. Their affection for one another is immediately apparent, and so beautiful to witness. Their joy is infectious!

As Dani and Ayu drafted their vows, in English and Amharic, there was such a meaningful vibe in the air. In one particularly lovely moment, we realized that the bench they were sitting on was dedicated to a Catherine, a name also shared by Dani's beloved late grandmother. Later in the evening, we also were followed by a family of adorable ducks which has to be lucky!

Dani and Ayu definitely are a fierce couple! They have serious style, individually and as a duo.

With an exciting whirlwind love affair in their past, Dani and Ayu have a steady and strong marriage in their future. Congrats to the happy couple!